If you’re looking to take your freelance career to the next level in 2022, look no further than these best freelancing platforms ready to help you accomplish your dreams. These include some of the top options available today. All have proven track records in connecting talented, motivated, and hard-working freelance experts with business clients seeking expert work at competitive prices and on-time delivery. If you want to maximize your future success as a freelancer , consider taking advantage of these opportunities!

If you’re starting in the freelance gig industry, you might be confused by all the different platforms and job websites that are out there, each one claiming to offer the best jobs. Let me help you with this article, which will list the best freelancing platforms of 2022 (so far).


Though still new, Upwork has quickly gained popularity as a go-to freelance gig site for established freelancers. Unlike other platforms that focus on gigs/projects from clients to hire, Upwork works more like an online marketplace where freelancers pitch themselves and compete for work. Upwork also gives job seekers access to ratings and portfolio work from previous employees to help them find exactly what you’re looking for. Some say they have better control over negotiations than other sites, but recent controversy has made people wary. Upwork now has another facility for freelancers, which is called project catalog. This is just like a gig on Fiverr. You can create 20 project catalogs in which you will show your skills, and buyers can directly approach you with these project catalogs.

Project Category:  Almost all types of projects, including programming, content writing

Pros: Free sign up, protection of payment, reliable clients

Cons: High fees, lengthy process of selection and verification


The easiest way to find graphic designers online, Designhill connects clients and freelancers in an online community. With access to over 50,000 designers from around the world, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find a designer who best fits your needs. In addition to graphic design services, Designhill also provides web development, 3D modeling, video production, and content writing services. This platform is primarily for designers. If you want to get your job in graphics, then this platform is undoubtedly for you.

Project Category:  As the name shows, basically for graphics

Pros: Chat support, zero service fee

Cons: It is only for designers


If you want to make money, but don’t want to get a real job, then Fiverr is for you. It’s by far one of the best freelancing platforms out there. The site allows users to post jobs and even sell their services for five dollars. The best part about Fiverr is that it has no registration fees, and there are no competitors. It simply allows users with the talent to showcase their skills without being bogged down by registration or other annoying formalities. This platform is slightly different because you can show your skills by making gigs here. You can make seven gigs, and if you meet the requirements of the buyer, then they will message you in your private inbox. At the same time, you have another option that is called buyer request, in which you can send ten requests per day to get orders.

Project Category:  Almost all types of projects, including programming, content writing

Pros: Free sign up

Cons: High commission, the lengthy payment process


LinkedIn is a trendy platform for professional networking on the internet. With more than 500 million members in over 200 countries, LinkedIn allows professionals of all backgrounds to connect and learn from one another and access valuable business insights and information. Whether you’re looking to find your next job or internship, connect with new customers or clients, prepare for an interview, advance your career, learn the skills you need to succeed in your career, meet exciting people, or maintain contact with your existing network, LinkedIn can help you do it all!

Project Category:  Professional networking site

Pros: Networking opportunities, you can get online and offline both jobs

Cons: Fake users can approach you


A site like TopTal is one way to enter into freelance work. It isn’t perfect. TopTal is a site you’d want to use only if you hire developers, designers, and other freelancers who provide technical services. The company prides itself on selecting top performers in those categories and connecting them with business clients who are willing to pay for their expertise. If you require those types of freelancers, it might be worth checking out TopTal. But don’t expect to find any writers or salespeople there—it just doesn’t fit their model. They warn against posting jobs that aren’t strictly related to technology or design because they won’t post your job.

Project Category:  Almost all types of projects, especially for content writing

Pros: Highly talented freelancers

Cons: Hard process of selection, high screening test


Etsy and Fiverr have revolutionized the way individuals work by helping those with creative skills sell their products on-demand instead of in traditional brick-and-mortar stores or through conventional e-commerce portals. Freelancer is the world’s largest freelance platform that connects millions of businesses and independent professionals across the globe, enabling them to find a talented partner anywhere in the world who can complete virtually any job imaginable. Freelancer offers both those opportunities with its free marketplace and its freelancer marketplace, where experts can get paid by employers or even by their peers. Besides creating new employment opportunities, Freelancer also provides users with freelance jobs and crowdsourcing projects from highly established companies. With top-notch security measures, such as identity verification, Verified by Visa and Buyer Protection,

Project Category:  Almost all types of projects, including programming, content writing

Pros: Free sign up, variety of projects

Cons: Spamming and fake users


We have discussed some platforms by which you can enhance your freelancing career in 2022. But, indeed, you have to keep patience in getting freelancing work because now the competition is very tough, and everyone wants to make money via freelancing. So, guys, this was a brief discussion. You can select any one of them but keep in mind that nothing is permanent in the internet world.

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